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Kristin Kenney
Problem Killer. Human Healer

A survivor of profound adversity herself, Kristin helps successful people resolve professional and relational problems, for good.

Kristin Kenney is a spiritual teacher, life coach and host of the popular podcast, Life in High Gear.

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“…by (Kristin) sharing experiences of pain, chaos and going through a time when things fall apart – inspired by that experience, as painful as it may be, she motivates me into self-discovery, career heights and consistent, personal peace.”

“Thank you for reminding me to be intentional in my life, in every day and every moment. Mostly, thank you for keeping me together, pushing me to grow and for making me laugh.”

“Kristin taught me how to recognize my needs, support myself first, thereby letting my professional calling thrive, my personal relationships deepen, but my relationship with myself is the most beautiful it’s ever been. I know who I am, what I want and where I am going. Thank you, Kristin.”

“As someone who considers herself self-motivated and goal-oriented I have taken part in several coaching programs over the years. Kristin’s coaching has still added huge value into my life.  She has an extensive breadth of knowledge of techniques, methods and modalities that she has skillfully curated into a curriculum that makes sense. It builds up and adds layers of understanding about how and why we do things. You will be asked to do some challenging assignments, however, if you can push past them, they will open your eyes to how you can still be yourself and be more productive. I have tools that I cannot imagine living without now and feel much more organized and with a greater sense of purpose while knowing my core values never have to be compromised.”

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A compelling discourse to discover the truth of who you really are. A juicy mix of Eastern practices and smart life-coaching tools, podcast delivers peaceful, true resolutions for life’s inevitable challenges. Coach and host, Kristin Kenney, leads you to uncover your unique life’s mission, your particular gifts. Welcome to your Life in High Gear.